Welcome to Blood Tests Direct

How well do you know your body? 

Our guess is that you have an understanding of your ‘external’ physical attributes and how you appear to the outside world.  What about what is on the inside?  Regular blood testing is an important way to track your physical wellbeing and give you a better understanding of how your body is currently working.  Blood Tests Direct is run by The Blood Test Company and it is our mission is to provide you with an easy way to accurately track your physical health and how this changes, meaning you are in a better position to make informed lifestyle choices. 




Welcome to Blood Tests Direct

Customer focus

We have worked with our leading doctor to create a number of different health screens with the aim of giving you a deeper understanding of how your body is currently working.  

If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can improve our offering, we would love to hear them, please get in touch.

Our labs

We have partnered with County Pathology, one of the UK’s best pathology labs to process all of our blood tests. County Pathology is trusted by both the NHS and private clinics and is part of the Eurofins Group, an international group known for its worldwide excellence in bio-analytical testing. We hold regular review meetings with County Pathology to ensure we are confident in the lab’s performance and our customers’ results.


Your test kit will be shipped in a confidential package and will fit through your letter box.

Your privacy is protected every step of the way, from when you place your order with us to when we email your results to you. We follow full GDPR compliance and are ICO Registered.   


Our pricing speaks for itself. We focus on the important things, accuracy of your results and ensuring our services are confidential and efficient, meaning without large overheads and elaborate packaging, we can offer our home blood test services at a better price for you than the majority of our competitors.

Welcome to Blood Tests Direct

How does it work? Well, it's easy as ....


Order your tests and we’ll send you a kit that you can use to collect your sample. You perform all of our tests through a 'finger-prick.' We always include an instruction leaflet to help you perform the test 


When your blood sample arrives at our accredited laboratory, they start processing it immediately, the turnaround times are listed next to each test


​When the results are ready a report is generated listing the tests, results, units and normal ranges (based on age and sex) that will be interpreted by our Doctor at no extra cost. The results and Doctors comments are bundled up into an easy to read format and we email them over to you immediately

How to perform your blood test


Simple and user friendly results

You will be able to see where your result sits in relation to low or high results, together with any comments and recommendations from our doctors. Previous results will be reviewed by our doctors to analyse and track how your results have changed over time. In the checkout process you will be able to tell us about any existing medical conditions or diets you follow. While we do not provide a diagnosis, this additional information will assist our doctors in interpreting your results.